Volunteering Projects…


Neath Port Talbot CVS has over 17 years’ experience of delivering volunteering projects and schemes. 

All our current volunteering projects have the Investing in Volunteers quality standard.

At Neath Port Talbot CVS, we have a number of new and on-going volunteering projects and schemes:

If you are interested in finding out more information about any of the below projects please complete this form
or contact the relevant Development Officer named in each project tab.

Volunteering Befriending Projects & SchemesVolunteer TrainingEmployee Volunteering DaysConnecting our CommunitiesNext Steps (25+) ProjectFamily Support ProjectChildren in Need Volunteering ProjectSocial Services Volunteering SchemeNPT Youth FundMillennium VolunteersCruse Bereavement CareThe United Nations Volunteer ProgramInformation for Referrers

Volunteering Befriending Projects & Schemes…

Neath Port Talbot CVS has over 17 years’ experience of delivering volunteering projects and schemes.  All our current volunteering projects have the Investing in Volunteers quality standard.

What is a befriender?

Befrienders are carefully selected volunteers, who are trained to provide one-to-one, non-judgemental support and companionship to someone. Many people benefit from the support of a befriender at a time of change in their life or when they are socially isolated due to vulnerability, illness or old age. Volunteers are expected to give 2-3 hours per week.

We currently run three befriending projects:

Social Services Volunteering Scheme – Befriending service for adults.
For more information, contact Delyth Kealy on 01639 631246 or DelythK@nptcvs.org.uk

Family Support Volunteering Project – Befriending service for families.
For more information, contact Gaynor Rosier on 01639 631246 or RosierG@nptcvs.org.uk

Children in Need Volunteering Project – Befriending service for 16-18 year olds.
For more information, contact Gemma Richards on 01639 631246 or email GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk

Connecting our Communities Project – Befriending service for anyone who is experiencing loneliness or isolation.

For more information, contact Liz Randall on 01639 631246 or email LizR@nptcvs.org.uk


To volunteer with Neath Port Talbot CVS’s volunteering projects or schemes, you will need to:

  • complete a two day induction training course
  • complete a satisfactory DBS check
  • provide two character references

What is induction training?

Induction training is part of our selection process. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know one another better and to decide whether or not this volunteering role is right for you.

The course will cover a range of topics:

  • volunteer hopes and concerns
  • stereotyping and anti-discriminatory practice
  • qualities required to be a volunteer befriender
  • confidentiality
  • your role and your boundaries
  • lone working and personal safety
  • safeguarding
  • policies and procedures

We also look at various case studies and scenarios over the two days.

What if I have a criminal record?

Whilst the focus of DBS is to help us make safer volunteer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups including children, Neath Port Talbot CVS believes that anyone who has a criminal record is treated fairly and is not discriminated against because of a conviction or other information revealed.

What support will I receive?

Volunteers will receive support regularly through a combination of one-to-one, group support, development evenings, telephone and email contact.

Informal supervision sessions also takes place regularly, while all befriending agreements reviewed with all parties on a frequent basis.


Out of pocket expenses are generally reimbursed on a monthly basis, including travel and lunch expenses. However expenses can be reimbursed more frequently if required.

Volunteer Recruitment Process

  1. Initial Interview – An appointment will be given within 2 weeks of your initial enquiry.
  2. Induction Training – You will be invited to attend two full days of training.
  3. Post Training Interview – An appointment will be arranged to discuss whether or not you are happy to proceed.
  4. Vetting Checks – You will need to complete an online DBS application and provide relevant documentation to prove your identity. You will also need to provide details of two referees.
  5. Discussion of Possible Matches – Matched may take into account factors such as experience, availability, gender, age, locality, skills, hobbies and interests.
  6. Match Meeting – A match meeting will be arranged and volunteering befriending agreement signed.
  7. Ongoing Volunteer Support and Training – Volunteers receive regular supervsion and opportunities for further training.

Employee Volunteering Days…

Is your business, company or organisation looking for an innovative team building experience?  Employee Volunteering Days are an opportunity to build a strong team, build confidence, experience a real sense of achievement and make a difference in the community.

An Employee Volunteering Day will:

  • Help employees develop professional and personal skills
  • Increase motivation by providing positive experiences
  • raise the profile of your business or organisation in the wider community
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility
Contact Neath Port Talbot CVS Volunteer Centre on 01639 631246 to find out more.

Connecting our Communities…

Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot

Connecting our Communities is a new project in the Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend areas funded by the Big Lottery’s People and Places programme. The project will support those in our communities experiencing loneliness and isolation to improve their quality of life.  To develop the Connecting our Communities projects NPTCVS are looking for volunteer befrienders.

Do you or someone you know have a few hours spare each week?  You could make a big difference to someone’s life.  As a volunteer befriender you will be able to offer companionship to those feeling lonely or who need a little extra help to get out and about and back in to community life. This could involve having a chat over a cup of tea, going shopping, attending a local group or even going for a walk.

Get in touch to find out more about becoming a volunteer befriender with Connecting our Communities

Liz Randall – Development Officer

01639 631246     LizR@nptcvs.org.uk

Next Steps (25+) Project…

Are you aged 25+ and live in a non-Communities First area?

Have you got a work limiting health condition, but would like to increase your confidence or gain new skills through volunteering, participating in group or community activities and training?

If so ….. we can help by:

  •  Assisting you to access local services specific to your needs
  •  Working with you to draw up a personal Wellbeing Plan
  •  Encouraging you to be part of group activities
  •  Improving your confidence and self esteem
  •  Increasing your employability and helping you to step closer to the labour market
  •  Providing volunteering and supported volunteering opportunities
  •  Offering training opportunities tailored to your needs
  •  Assisting you with Employability Skills training

For further information please contact Nia Dix-Williams on 01639  631246 or niadw@nptcvs.org.uk.  For more information on other EU funding please click here.

To view the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) guidelines, please visit:

Family Support Project…

In partnership with Neath Port Talbot Children’s Social Services we are running a volunteering project which aims to provide time limited, low-level advice and support to families who are currently involved with Children’s Services. The project aims to empower families to engage in actions that improve confidence and self-esteem, increase social inclusion and better manage difficult situations within the agreed timeframe. Volunteers will commit their time to a family in order to meet the stated aims. Appropriate training and support will be provided.

For further information about this project please contact:

Gaynor Rosier via Telephone on 01639 631246  or email:  RosierG@nptcvs.org.uk

Children in Need Volunteering Project…

Funded by BBC Children in Need, and working in partnership with NPTC Group, this is a three year project that is currently being delivered by Neath Port Talbot CVS to support vulnerable or disadvantaged young people aged 16-18 years.

We recruit and support volunteer befrienders who give support to vulnerable young people aged 16-18 years. The young person each volunteer supports may be experiencing a number of challenges such as a physical disability, learning difficulty,  caring responsibilities, being in care, mental health issues, problems with drugs and alcohol or a lack of confidence. Volunteers will offer the young person a listening ear and take part in appropriate activities as requested.

The volunteer may support the young person in relation to their personal development by supporting them to undertake activities that will assist with their college work, volunteer placement or employability. Volunteers could also help with life skills such as travel training and basic cooking skills.

Become a Volunteer Befriender with us!

Become a volunteer befriender with the Children in Need Volunteering Project and you will be helping vulnerable or disadvantaged young people in Neath Port Talbot to improve their lives and reach their full potential.

Why volunteer?

Individuals volunteer for many different reasons! Perhaps you are looking to gain experience for your academic course or career progression, maybe you want to give back to society or use your past experiences to be able to empathise with young people.

As a volunteer, Neath Port Talbot CVS will provide you with training and ongoing support. You will have access to a wide range of training courses and you will be able to develop your own skills whilst making new friends.

Volunteering with this project, will give you valuable experience of volunteering with young people and you will learn about the challenges that vulnerable individuals in Neath Port Talbot face.

What’s involved? – For information please contact Gemma Richards on 01639 631246 or email GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk

What do you expect from me?

Before starting your volunteering you will need to complete induction training and relevant vetting checks

We ask that volunteers give 2-3 hours per week.  You will support a young person for a maximum of 6 months.

For more information please contact Gemma Richards on 01639 631246 or email GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk .

Quotes from our volunteers:

“I enjoyed making a real difference to a young person’s life through weekly visits; watching a young person transform from a shy and reserved individual to an open and assertive young person.” Holly, CiN Volunteer

“Very impressed with the in-depth induction – It covered any worries that I had previous to signing up to the volunteering placement.” Holly, CiN Volunteer

“I wanted to volunteer to do something rewarding, to make a difference” Jannine, CiN Volunteer

“I developed many new skills – communication, listening, patience and empathy.” Nicole, CiN Volunteer

“I mostly enjoyed spending time with the young person, getting to know her and seeing her open up and become more confident.” Nicole, CiN Volunteer

“Seeing how I was making a difference to the young person’s life and giving her Mum a break.” Lauren, CiN Volunteer

“Training was always available. Any issues you could just text and always have a quick response.”  Lauren, CiN Volunteer

Have a Volunteer Befriender!

What’s it all about?

Befriending is about introducing you (16-18 year olds) to a volunteer who will spend time with you.  Together you will identify activities that you are interested in, arrange social meetings, develop your hobbies or have a chat! On average, volunteers will give 2-3 hours per week and it will be for a maximum of 6 months.

What’s in it for me?

The project can support you to build confidence and self-esteem, experience new things and meet new people.

What sort of activities would we do?

You choose! Bowling, cinema, shopping, meals out, day trips, go-karting, swimming, horse riding, theatre trips, museums…. The choice is endless! The volunteer will support YOU in whatever activity YOU want to do.

Neath Port Talbot CVS will cover the costs and ensure all activities are risk assessed.

How to get involved

If you are under 18 years old, you will need a supporting adult to refer you in. A supporting adult could be your college tutor, parent, guardian, foster carer, housing provider, social worker, doctor etc. If you are aged 18 then you can refer yourself.

Please contact Gemma Richards, Project Development Officer: 01639 631246 or 07903 404887    GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk

Quotes from young people who have had support:

“I wanted a volunteer to build my confidence and independence. We went swimming, cinema, coffee and bowling. I feel more confident, more independent”.

“I wanted a volunteer to help with my anxiety. We went for coffee, played squash and went for walks. I would recommend the service, it gave me someone to talk to”.

“I didn’t know what to expect. We went walking, for food, shopping, Cardiff, watched a show, appointments. I have now progressed into college. I couldn’t have got this far without them”.

Social Services Volunteering Scheme…

Recruits, supports and trains volunteers on behalf of Neath Port Talbot Social Services Department.  Volunteers can be linked with either individuals or groups of people who have been referred by Social Services.  These could be older people, those with physical or learning disabilities and those with mental health problems.

For more information please contact Delyth Kealy DelythK@nptcvs.org.uk / 01639 631246.

“ She is a lovely lady – she’s wonderful – she takes such a lot of my worries from my mind.”

NPT Youth Fund…

Neath Port Talbot Youth Fund is a group of young people who volunteer for a very important role, awarding grants of money to young people’s projects in Neath Port Talbot.

The Panel is run by young people, for young people, and has the power to award £50 -£1000 per project! Young people who volunteer with the panel have the chance to get involved in all sorts of different activities, from training days and designing a logo for the project! If you would like to volunteer with NPT Youth Fund, please contact Katie Padfield, at Neath Port Talbot CVS on 01639 631246 or KatieP@nptcvs.org.uk

Also, if you are a young person who is interested in applying to NPT Youth Fund please contact Katie Padfield on 01639 631246 or KatieP@nptcvs.org.uk or check out our Grant Schemes Page

Are you on Twitter?

Follow Neath Port Talbot Youth Fund @NPTYF for upto date news.

Millennium Volunteers…

Millennium Volunteers (MV) is a programme designed to recognise and celebrate the volunteering contribution of 14-25 year olds across Wales. The aim of the programme is to encourage young people to take part in one or more volunteering opportunities that can offer them the chance to gain certificates for 50, 100 and 200 hours of volunteering.

Interested in volunteering in a sporting environment? MV50 Sport is part of the MV Award and offers recognition to young people who volunteer for at least 50 hours in a sport based setting.

For more information on the MV programme contact GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk

Cruse Bereavement Care – Volunteers Needed…

Cruse Bereavement Children & Young People’s service needs more Bereavement Volunteers across the whole of its area… could YOU help fill that gap?

Would you like to:
Help support a bereaved child or young person?
Share your skills & knowledge with a group of caring individuals?
Gain training & experience in bereavement support?
Experience a sense of pride and satisfaction for the time & support you give?

The United Nations Volunteers Program…

The United Nations Volunteers Program has launched its flagship report, subtitled “Transforming Governance”. The State of the World’s Volunteerism Report 2015 is the first global review of the power of volunteer voices to help improve the way people are governed.

Drawing on evidence from countries as diverse as Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon and Bangladesh, the UN report shows how ordinary people are volunteering their time, energies and skills to improve the way they are governed and engaged at local, national and global levels. Better governance at every level is a pre-requisite for the success of the new set of targets for future international development, the Sustainable Development Goals, which are due to be agreed at the United Nations in September 2015.

The post-2015 development agenda calls for greater civic participation and engagement.  The report makes a compelling case for volunteers as catalysts of civic engagement in development processes, making them integral agents of change for sustainable development.

The United Nations Volunteers will organise events worldwide within the next several months. We hope that there will be opportunities in Wales also to discuss and debate the issues that are outlined in the report.

The report and the executive summary are now available at www.volunteeractioncounts.org/SWVR2015

Information for Referrers…

Do you know a young person (aged   16-18 years old) that would benefit from 1-1 support from a volunteer befriender? Perhaps they are struggling to settle into college, lacking confidence or need support to engage in activities.

Through the Children in Need Volunteering Project, young people will be matched up with a volunteer befriender for 2-3 hours a week for a maximum of 6 months. The volunteer will support the young person in undertaking identified activities whether it’s being there as a listening ear, helping them to develop their professional development (college work, volunteering or employability) or engaging in social activities such as bowling, cinema, sports or life skills.

How to Refer

Please contact Gemma Richards, Project Development Officer, for a referral form at GemmaR@nptcvs.org.uk or telephone 01639 631246.

Young people can self-refer if aged 18 years. If they are under aged 18 years then a supporting adult would need to refer them e.g. a parent, guardian, foster carer or partner agency.

Partners we’ve worked with so far have included NPTC Group, Social Services, CAHMS, Carers Trust, Dewis, Action for Children and Team Around the Family.

Quotes from Supporting Adults/Partner Agencies:

“Thanks for everything. The volunteer has been amazing.”

“It’s helped her out a lot with going out and about.”

“The volunteer is lovely, my daughter loves her. She is fantastic with her.”